Meet Dobby, the pint-sized powerhouse with a heart as resilient as the rammed earth walls he now guards as the esteemed Head of Security at our headquarters. This MinPin may be small in stature, but his dedication to protecting our space is immeasurable.

With a keen nose and sharp instincts, Dobby ensures that every nook and cranny of our eco-friendly haven remains safe and secure. His tiny paws may leave minimal imprints, but his impact on the well-being of our office is monumental.

Outside of his vigilant duties, Dobby enjoys a constant supply of treats while basking in the sustainable ambiance of our rammed earth headquarters, embodying the spirit of eco-conscious living. Whether he’s chasing sunbeams filtering through the energy-efficient windows or patrolling the premises to keep it free of “vermin”, Dobby is the embodiment of sustainability and security, proving that even the smallest guardians can leave an indelible mark on a green, protected world.