Pillar IP - own your idea

If it weren’t for intellectual property (IP) protection, NIKE ® would still be two guys selling shoes out of the back of a car. 

Pillar IP wants to be your partner in developing and implementing an IP procurement strategy that complements your commercial objectives, reputation and unique IP 

Let us work with you so you have the potential to be the next NIKE ® 

Any IP that makes you money needs to be protected.

Why Choose Pillar IP?

We offer you:

Tailored Strategic Services

We listen to you and tailor our IP services to your unique company needs. We want to be your external executive IP director – taking your fiscal and commercial objectives into consideration as we lead and inform you on IP-related decisions

For IP protection around the world, we have carefully selected foreign IP associates that would best suit you, your company brand and business model. Your success, is our success.

Education & Guidance on all things IP

We guide you in finding the best IP strategy, offering you options based on our risk analysis.

We want out clients to be able to make informed and objective decision and educating our clients on the value and utilization of IP is one of our top priorities. 

Check out our IP Somm vlog, and learn quick and easy-to-follow tips on anything IP. 

A Seamless Experience

We are a virtual, paperless agency. Since everything is done online, we pride ourselves in providing smooth and easy interaction for our clients. 

No hassle with signatures, no stress organizing your documents, and no wasting papers.  

We love this planet. We want to help create a better future for this world by being climate conscious.

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