IP Procurement

Trademarks, Copyright, Industrial Design, Patents, Trade Secret, Trade Dress, Licensing & Domain Name

Pillar IP specializes in IP clearance, prosecution for the purposes of procurement and enforcement of IP rights in Canada and around the world.  

We’ve carefully selected foreign IP Associates to align with our client service model and fit in with your fiscal and commercial objectives. You can consider them to be an extension of your trusted IP Team.  

Representative Service

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) requires an address in Canada for correspondence relating to applications for registration.  

  • We can assist you by receiving and forwarding CIPO correspondence (for a flat fee per application) 
  • Help you with any part of the application prosecution process (for an additional fee)
  • Provide advice for the application (for an additional fee) 
  • Take a more active role in moving forward with the application (for an additional fee)  

Please note: We require an executed representative for service agreement. 

Let us help you own your idea™.