About Pillar IP

Pillar IP offers expertise, in a more personal and cost-transparent manner.

Our Story

In 2022, 10 years after Heather Boyd founded Pillar IP, we moved our head offices into the rammed earth building, pictured in the background of this website.

Just as a rammed earth house is built layer by layer, compacted with precision to form a resilient and sustainable structure, our agency was also crafted on these principles. Drawing inspiration from the timeless technique of rammed earth construction, we ensure that each service we offer is deeply rooted in thorough research and a profound understanding. Our commitment to fostering genuine partnerships, delivering innovative solutions, and ensuring unwavering protection for your intellectual properties is driven by the same principles that make rammed earth homes sustainable, robust, and unique. Embracing the rammed earth philosophy, we meticulously tailor intellectual property strategies for every client. Our foundation, reminiscent of nature’s wisdom, mirrors the strength and authenticity of rammed earth architecture—a legacy designed to endure. Just as rammed earth structures rise from deliberate layering, we construct layered, IP solutions that not only safeguard but also flourish in the ever-evolving terrains of innovation and industry.

Our Approach

We recognize the importance of developing a strong foundation in the field of IP while guiding you in setting the perfect IP strategy. We offer tailored options grounded in our in-depth risk analysis. We enlighten our clients on the layers and nuances of IP, empowering them to make well-informed and objective decisions

Our Team

Comprising a team of conscientious and dedicated professionals, Pillar IP stands as a collective of sustainability-minded experts in intellectual property protection. Our mission is to guide and support you, ensuring you possess all the necessary elements to “Own Your Idea™” in a manner that aligns with sustainable practices.