Heather Boyd

Founder, IP consultant, Licensed Trademark Agent

Heather Boyd, the visionary behind Pillar IP, is no stranger to the solid foundation of the legal world.  She has three decades of experience in the legal field and has specialized and focused exclusively on Intellectual (IP) law for the past 24 years. In 2012, she laid the cornerstone for her IP agency, and in the process, introduced the concept of ‘rammed earth’ integrity to her professional and personal life.

Heather has sculpted her existence in a manner that minimizes carbon footprints. The way she lives her life and operates Pillar IP, are symbolic of her commitment to the environment (100% virtual and paperless). The head office now stands as a rammed earth building, crafted predominantly by women-led enterprises, showcasing Heather’s support for sustainable and inclusive practices. She is an active volunteer and sought-after IP advisor, deeply rooted in numerous charitable endeavors. Her passion for nature and the environment is evident in all her endeavors.

Heather is a health enthusiast who embraces nature, clean eating and living. On weekends, you might find her hiking in the hills or mountains, cycling in the country, or tending to her gardens and pets. Heather enjoys sipping local wines by a cozy fire and creating homemade meals that delight the senses.

As a certified sommelier, a skill that seamlessly aligns with her inventive spirit, Heather is the curator of the vlog “IP Somm™” on the Pillar IP YouTube Channel, she ingeniously blends IP insights with delightful conversations over beverages. In doing so, she makes the often-complex world of IP more accessible and digestible for all. In her hands, IP knowledge becomes as sturdy and timeless as the rammed earth foundation she embodies, always grounded and sustainable.

Heather received The Osgoode Certificate in Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in 2020. 

Heather is a registered and licensed trademark agent, recognized by the US Patent & Trademarks Office to represent Canadian entities and nationals before the USPTO.