IP Portfolio Management

Founder and managing Agent, Heather Boyd, has over 30 years of experience in business dealing with: 

  • Tort law, contract analysis, and document preparation 
  • Financial, legal and HR department formation in entrepreneurial and high-tech start-ups 
  • Business development group management 
  • IP portfolio management and Agency work 

Heather has managed portfolios from Fortune 500 companieswith thousands of marks in hundreds of countries, to entrepreneurs just starting out in Canada and around the world.  

She specializes in analyzing and reviewing IP portfolios, and conducting clearance searches. 

Portfolio Review

  • We help identify your IP 
  • Guide you in quantifying or valuing your IP 
  • Identify weaknesses in your IP 
  • Offer suggestions for strengthening your positioning or leveraging your IP 

Portfolio Management

  • We manage your portfolio to ensure deadlines & goals are met and maintained 
  • Conduct ongoing portfolio analysis to ensure all your IP is included in your business strategy 
  • Identify and carefully select trusted foreign associates that align with your commercial objectives and annual budget constraints 

As your company grows and evolves, so should your IP.